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Laundry ME was established in November 2016, with one true goal in mind, “We aim to be the largest professional quality laundry and dry cleaning service company in Dubai, which provides its services at an affordable price.” Since establishment, we have stayed true to our vows, and we have an extremely high satisfaction rate demonstrated by our online reviews on various platforms such as Google and Facebook.


We at Laundry ME, believe in providing our clients with a professional quality laundry and dry cleaning services. In order to achieve this we have equipped ourselves with the highest standard equipment while ensuring the use of environmentally safe products. Laundry ME has a great team of customer service and operational professionals in order to maintain quality assurance and a high quality customer satisfaction. Our current offering compliment both retail and commercial customers.

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We provide high quality laundry at affordable prices and this is the motto we stand by. We understand the struggles of our customer’s daily lives and businesses constant demands for perfection.


We truly focus on all our customers clothing items and we meticulously take care of all our customers’ items from the point of collection to packaging and delivery.


Exceptional Customer Service

We truly focus on exceptional customer service, as we know the key to success in any service sector business is its customer service.



We have the standard two (2) day wait for clothing to be completed and returned back to our customers.



We use the latest technology advancements to make our customers experience smoother and a simplified one.

Guaranteed Services

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Laundry Service

From your favorite jeans to your baby’s blankie, our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.

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Ironing Services

We at LAUNDRYME understand that the real reason for ironing is to maintain a smart appearance. When we are well-presented, others respect us more , Today, you have LAUNDRYME to take care of your ironing chores.


Pick up & Delivery Free

Looking to save time during your busy work week? Why not try wash and fold service from LAUNDRYME? We offer free laundry pickup and delivery .

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LaundryME Retail Services

LaundryME opened its first store front location in Business Bay, Dubai. It serves retail clients and acts as hub point for retail collection. Operations for order handling and customer service are also handled from this location. Expansion plans are in place to grow to various collection points across Dubai. Part of our added service to our retail clients is to provide free pickup and delivery across all of Dubai Call Us Now +971 4 430 7470.


LaundryME has been extremely successful in implementing its strategy for retail customers. By concentrating on the vision put in place we have achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in Dubai which has been documented on various online platforms through customer reviews and ratings.


Our strong offering is evident in every pickup and delivery of the finished product.

LandryME Commercial Services


LaundryME caters to a large number of commercial enterprises and whereby LaundryME covers a number of various business practices across Dubai. LaundryME currently works with a number of 5 Star Hotels, Restaurants and various high-end spas and salons across Dubai.


As commercial enterprises have a large daily requirement, we are committed to a 24 hour turn around period while ensuring that quality is never compromised. With our recourses on hand, we do regular quality checks and feedback meetings with our clients.

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